The contractualisation of contracts: the time imperative

Today, companies depend more than ever on suppliers and subcontractors to increase their production and guarantee their survival in the market.

This means that their approach to supplier relationship management is critical to their success.

February 28 is an often fateful date for many large retailers. Complex commercial negotiations took place this year, in a complicated context of rising commodity prices and last-minute legal changes. To succeed in meeting this imperative, it is essential to reduce the administrative constraints linked to contracts as much as possible in order to devote time to negotiation and not to writing it.

Electronic signature, automatic drafting of contracts according to predefined options, duplication of N-1 conditions are some examples of solutions that you can implement thanks to our SRM solution.

Thanks to its guided and simplified procedures, EasySRM makes it possible to manage the entire contract lifecycle in an agile way, improving efficiency and compliance to maximize profits :

  • Full transparency and visibility

Immediate and intuitive access to all phases of the contract – summarizing all information exchanges with the supplier.

Monitoring dashboard for contract compliance – keeping full control over contract execution status.

  • Automated alerts and notifications

Meet contract deadlines and increase compliance levels – thanks to configurable alerts and reminders on contract expiry and renewals.

  • Centralized document management

Contract management on a single platform – thanks to a well-organized contract archive, but above all shared between all stakeholders.

  • User-friendly contract management

The layout of the contracts helps to focus on the essential information. Filter criteria can be flexibly selected and combined with each other.

Let EasySRM be part of your success, with full visibility into the entire lifecycle of your supplier contracts.

  • Contract compliance
  • Maximum control
  • Maximum efficiency

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